JSConf 2015: Headless Testing Against Real Web Browsers

I spoke at JSConf 2015 about how to test Google Polymer web components against real web browsers in a headless Linux using Xvfb.

My talk offered background on my philosophy, why some software requires tests be run against a real GUI, and also covered a basic introduction to Xvfb, or X Virtual Frame Buffer. I also demo’d polymer-testing-box, a basic reference implementation illustrating how to provision an Ubuntu VM with all the prerequisites necessary to headlessly run Google Polymer web-component-tester tests against Chrome and Firefox.

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Some related resources:

  • polymer-testing-box - a basic Vagrant box for testing Google Polymer elements headlessly against Firefox and Chrome
  • nw-testing-box - a basic Vagrant box for testing an NW.js application via Xvfb
  • nw-app-testing - a basic NW.js application demonstrating unit and end-to-end tests